Aromatherapy Massage     $80/60min

​Enjoy a relaxing body massage and choose from one of our aromatherapy oils to let the mind relax and unwind.* This is not a deep tissue massage.

Registered Massage Therapy    (R.M.T)

​With receipt that can be cover back from your insurance company.

$40/30min          $60/45min          $80/60min

Hotstone massage             $80/60min

​A state of relaxation will be reached in minutes as warm beated stones are place ao key areas of the body. your massage terapist use the penetrating heat of stones to melt away the stress, while reliving tense muscle and sore joints; stimulating, healing and rejuvenating

Shiatsu / Tuina / Swedish   $60/60min

A thorough massage focusing on relieving tension and stress. This treatment leaves your body feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvented. using different techniques such as Swedish, Shiatsu  and Tuina to release muscle tension, stress and balance energy flow in your body.